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Our mission at Timely from day one has been to provide our customers with;

  1. The best appointment scheduling system possible, to make your lives easier; and
  2. Features and tools that actively help you get new customers through the door.

Today we are stoked to launch a new tool for you to get those online bookings flooding in from the world’s most popular social channel, Facebook.

By adding a Book Now button to your Facebook page – your customers have another easy and convenient way to make an appointment with you.

Adding the button to your Facebook page couldn’t be easier. Just head over to Promote > Facebook app and click the massive green button! :)

Here’s an example of how the button will look on your Facebook page:


And when customers hit the “Book Now” button they go straight into making an appointment with you without leaving Facebook:




17 thoughts on “Take bookings from Facebook

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    • That’s awesome to hear Dave! Be sure to tell anyone else you know that might need an upgrade to their appointment systems :) We’ve been known to send out beers as a thank you! ;)

    • Hi Simon – unfortunately these Facebook apps don’t work on the mobile version of Facebook yet. Which is a shame because our online booking pages are optimized already for mobile. It’s a limitation of Facebook that hopefully will be addressed at some stage. A lot of people around the world are asking FB to sort it out – so we trust they will listen.

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