Our mission at Timely from day one has been to provide our customers with;

  1. The best appointment scheduling system possible, to make your lives easier; and
  2. Features and tools that actively help you get new customers through the door.

Today we are stoked to launch a new tool for you to get those online bookings flooding in from the world’s most popular social channel, Facebook.

By adding a Book Now button to your Facebook page – your customers have another easy and convenient way to make an appointment with you.

Adding the button to your Facebook page couldn’t be easier. Just head over to Promote > Facebook app and click the massive green button! :)

Here’s an example of how the button will look on your Facebook page:


And when customers hit the “Book Now” button they go straight into making an appointment with you without leaving Facebook:



Hi, I'm Co-founder and CEO at Timely. It's cool hearing how our customers have more time in their day as a result of using Timely. I enjoy hearing about how they choose to use it, whether it's so they have more time to work on other parts of their business or spend time with their family and friends.

When I'm not busy waving the Timely pom-poms you'll find me chasing, or being chased by, one of my three boys. The smallest one is the easiest, he can’t crawl yet! [UPDATE] Yes he can, ruh-roh!