Idealog #42: All in a Timely manner / November-December 2012

Ryan Baker and his co-founder Andrew Schofield have more than a decade of experience building online booking tools.

The pair founded a similar website,, which was acquired by TradeMe in 2010.

“We looked at the services space a couple of years ago and saw it was not well serviced with a quality appointment booking system. Our plan is to out-execute the competition with world-class software.”

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Hi, I'm Co-founder and CEO at Timely. It's cool hearing how our customers have more time in their day as a result of using Timely. I enjoy hearing about how they choose to use it, whether it's so they have more time to work on other parts of their business or spend time with their family and friends.

When I'm not busy waving the Timely pom-poms you'll find me chasing, or being chased by, one of my three boys. The smallest one is the easiest, he can’t crawl yet! [UPDATE] Yes he can, ruh-roh!