Idealog: All in a Timely manner

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Idealog #42: All in a Timely manner

November-December 2012

Ryan Baker and his co-founder Andrew Schofield have more than a decade of experience building online booking tools.

The pair founded a similar website,, which was acquired by TradeMe in 2010.

“We looked at the services space a couple of years ago and saw it was not well serviced with a quality appointment booking system. Our plan is to out-execute the competition with world-class software.”

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2 thoughts on “Idealog: All in a Timely manner

  1. Merry Xmas to the team @Timely . Jill Of All Trades just loves your cool ecosystem and never misses a chance to rant about how we use Timely in our business. Have a safe journey into 2013

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