Timely’s Calendar has always been awesome for “one on one” appointments with a customer. Now we’ve added support for group & class bookings! We know many of you have been waiting for this – so let’s get straight into the details.

1. Set up your classes:

Go to Settings > Services and click the Add Class button:

Go to Settings > Service and click the Add Class button

Enter the details of your new Class and click Save:

Enter the details of the new class and click Save


  • Add a color for your new classes so you can easily distinguish them on your calendar
  • Add a category for your classes

2. Schedule a class:

Go to the Calendar tab and click where you want to add the class:


Choose which of your classes is at this time:


Add your customers and click Save:


And your done! Do this for each of your classes to build up your timetable:


Timely will send out email and SMS reminders as per the settings you have selected for these:


More to come soon!

This first version covers the basics of the classes/group functionality, including a lot of work “behind the scenes” to make it solid. But we know there are a few things you still need, so here’s what we’re working on next, in order:

Recurring classes

If you have a regular schedule/timetable of classes and customers, we are next going to add a feature so you can set this up once using recurring classes. For now though, you’ll need to add your classes and customers individually as per the above. To vote or comment on this feature and be notified when it is ready – go here.

Online bookings

So your customers can book themselves in and out of classes online themselves. To vote or comment on this feature and be notified when it is ready – go here.

Xero integration

The ability to generate invoices for class attendess in the same way you can curently for individual appointments

Vend integration

For processing your class attendees payments at point of sale via Vend in the same way you can curently for individual appointments

Mobile app support

Currently classes can only be viewed in the mobile app, and not edited. We will add full support for managing classes to the mobile app.

Have your say

Thanks to all of you who have been providing feedback and suggestions on the classes feature so far. Now is your chance to help us refine the class booking functionality even further – so keep those suggestions coming!

What do you think of what we’ve done so far?


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