An early Christmas present…

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We’re chuffed to say that our revamped customers area is now live – and just in time for Christmas!

This update includes a ton of improvements and we’ve also added a bunch of completely new features – including the ability to merge customers.

The full list of changes include:

  • Improved searching of customers
  • Ability to scroll through long lists of customers
  • Split customers details into three tabs – summary, details and appointments. Summary view includes  most recent appointment and next upcoming appointment
  • Past and future appointments are separated out
  • Cancelled appointments now showing
  • Ability to add an appointment with the appointment details pre-populated when you click a time on the calendar
  • Merge function to combine two customer records (e.g. duplicate customers)
  • Improved user interface with changes in different areas automatically kept in sync
  • Delete confirmation added
  • Clicking the edit customer link on the calendar link takes you directly to the customers summary page

Massive shout-out to our own Willy B. who has been labouring over this project for the last few weeks.

5 thoughts on “An early Christmas present…

  1. Awesome work guys! Looks great.

    Just a friendly point-out that the ‘Import Customers’ tab now opens underneath the main Customer section.

    Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas :)

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  3. The MERGE feature is BRILLIANT ! ! ! You have saved me a lot of time on a weekly basis. I have been going in, working my way through the lists and manually merging customers for the past few months. Sometimes when customers book their own appointments online they mis-spell their name or a new customer file is created for them so I have had to change their appointments individually to the correct customer file etc. So YAY! Thanks for that! :-)

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